We are a communion of relational churches, parachurch, and ministry leaders working to provide support, guidance and resources to launch and grow churches, missional communities, micro-churches, and ministries.


It began in 1968 in the Catholic Church, when a group of progressive priests moved into the neighborhoods of impoverished workers with the distinct agenda of extending the rights of the poor through political involvement. Bishop Williams strongly believes in the importance of tending to the marginalized, a pillar of his he has long held close. Bishop Williams believes that churches, para-church, and market place ministers working together provides exponential opportunities to advance The Kingdom and impact our communities .

Bishop Williams has adopted the philosophy of the "curas villeros" or Slum Priest. He believes we must not simply be clerics that only focuses on bringing people into the steeple but rather be a group of clerics that lives and conducts relevant ministry within these neighborhoods to empower and uplift the residents by spreading faith and education. Just like the original 20 "curas villeros" our primary goal is not to necessarily convert the neighborhoods, but to bring the residents hope and a foundation for better lives. From conducting communion to building community centers, arranging aid for drug addicts, providing support for the families of the incarcerated and supporting victims of domestic violence, the Slum Priests of ACFOC exercise a far-reaching influence in the communities they serve. And their endeavors are slowly but surely changing their neighborhoods.